Fecal Transplants – FACT or FICTION?

Seattle Times logoThere was an article this week in the Seattle Times called, “Fecal transplants succeeding at curing intestinal infections,” that was quite disturbing yet very validating.

Sure, the title and concept is one that is very difficult to get your head around, “transplanting feces from a healthy person into the gut of one who is sick can quickly cure sever intestinal infections caused by a dangerous type of bacteria that antibiotics often cannot control.” Are you kidding me? Let me translate this for you if you misunderstood the concept. We take the “poop” from a healthy person and “insert” it into your “gut” to give you this healthy bacteria that you don’t have in your own body!!

By a show of hands, how many of you are ready to go stand in line and get this revolutionary new treatment to help you feel better by getting rid of more of the bad bacteria we all have in our bodies and replace it with healthy bacteria we all need?

Think this is a hoax? Think again, it was conducted in the Netherlands (maybe they have more poop than we do) and published in The New England Journal of Medicine and titled, “Fecal Microbiota Transplantation – An Old Therapy Comes of Age,” in case you wanted to read their technical version. It’s the real deal, even though it sounds horrific at first blush. But let’s break this down for you because this relates EXACTLY to what BioGIF is all about – without having to transplant feces.New England Journal of Medicine

The concept is relatively simple – if you can ELIMINATE the bad bacteria in your gut and REPLACE it with good bacteria, you are going to feel better and be healthier. Some cases are more extreme than others and have or are building up large amounts of bad bacteria. Being able to eliminate this, without the heavy use of antibiotics (remember these kill both good and bad bacteria) is a much healthier option. This is what we have been telling people ever since BioGIF was invented!

This gives GREAT CONFIRMATION to the entire reason we developed BioGIF – to help reduce the production of BAD BACTERIA and eliminate it from your system while at the same time allowing the GOOD BACTERIA to grow and create a healthier gut. That’s why our customers LOVE BioGIF – it is a completely natural way to accomplish the same result they are describing in this fecal transplant.

So now you see the medical significance of making this happen in your gut – we just think it is a lot more palatable to take BioGIF once a day than go through a fecal transplant process! What do you think? If you agree and want to check it out, order a box of BioGIF and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work, we always offer our 100% money back guarantee on our products – that’s how confident we are this will work for you!

The “GUT” is linked to your health more than you think

There has been a lot of emphasis on new research regarding the “gut flora” and how it impacts far more than how our stomachs feel.  The research has been focused on “linking” a number of different ailments and situations’ occurring in the body to what goes on in the gut.

Take the recent article in the Wall Street Journal for example, “A Gut Check for Many Ailments,” where they specifically talk about how a variety of situations in our body are being traced back to our gut.  While this has been worked on for a while, and is the basis of our research and our BioGIF product, it is not starting to gain more and more attention.  For instance in the following quote from the Stanford University School of Medicine

The gut is important in medical research, not just for problems pertaining to the digestive system but also problems pertaining to the rest of the body,” says Pankaj J. Pasricha, chief of the division of gastroenterology and hepatology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

We love to see more and more discussion about how the gut affects so many different ailments and conditions.  BioGIF® was created with this in mind.  Our initial research told us the same thing years ago and was the foundation for how we created the BioGIF® product.  While we can’t claim to fix all these ailments, our research indicates it has a direct effect on both JOINT PAIN and OVERALL HEALTH and feeling good.  We know this is important research and we expect more findings like the one by Stanford University School of Medicine.  We will continue to share more on these developments with you along the way…so stay connected with us or follow us on our Social Media channels for updates.

Even if you’re healthy this stuff works…

We heard an interesting story recently from Karen out of Virginia Beach, Virginia we know applies to many of our customers so we wanted to share her story with you.

Karen is a very active person who actually walks a total of 7 miles each day – investing heavily in her health by staying active.  This was not always the case.  As little as 5 years ago she suffered from depression and stress which led to a very unhealthy lifestyle.  She experienced some damage from all this and her type of living.  Since then she decided to try and regain her health and started walking.  However, walking briskly for her is painful, yet necessary.

Another issue is that she generally just feels run down. Her walking started this past May and she has built it up to 7 miles per day.  While this is great for her health, it also causes her pain because of her hip joint.  The pain is so great that without taking an aspirin before each walk, it wouldn’t be possible.  Pain relievers are the only way she can make the walk and continue to help her improve her overall health.

Karen shared with us that she has just started using BioGIF® on a regular basis but in just a few days has noticed her digestion has definitely improved.  She suggests using BioGIF® every morning to get your day started and she personally sprinkles it over her cereal every morning.  She feels this is the best way for her to use it and to start the day off the right way and feel better.  She is starting to see other improvements and hopes that by using this over the next few weeks and months her joint pain will also be gone.

Thank you Karen for sharing with us how quickly BioGIF® started working for you and we are very happy to hear how it is helping her to continue her regimen of living and being healthy.  We can’t wait to check in with her again and see how much she has improved and how her joint pain is reduced.  If you have a story like Karen, SHARE IT WITH US and we can share it with others…


The stories roll in…

This is GREAT!!  It has only been a short while since we offered our free samples and the stories are starting to come in about how it how BioGIF® has started to change people’s lives – how exciting…

They come from all over the country and while BioGIF® focuses on Intestinal Disorders and relieving Joint Pain, people are telling us how it is working in other ways as well.  Over the next few weeks and months we want to share these stories with you and let you hear from others how BioGIF® is working to make their lives better.

If you are a customer of BioGIF®, we would love to hear your story as well.  Simply click here, SHARE MY STORY, and for the first 50 customers who share their story, they will get a FREE BOX of BioGIF® just for letting us share it with others.  So if you have been using the product and seeing some amazing changes, please let us know – it’s all about sharing and helping others feel better as well.  Who knows, your story might just be the one that encourages someone to try BioGIF® and their life is transformed…

Thank you for sharing and helping each other…this is how we all benefit in the long run.  Stay tuned, we will start sharing these stories very soon…

The Response was AMAZING – FREE Trial on hold…

It is great to see such an incredible response to our FREE TRIAL of BioGIF™ product.  There are obviously thousands and thousands of people around the country suffering from JOINT PAIN and just not feeling as good as they want.  And what’s more exciting is that they are realizing that most of the so-called remedies don’t work!

All of you, as well as our customers, are smart people.  They have figured out that unless you can help eliminate the source, you aren’t going to see much relief.  We simply offer a solution that makes sense and that works to eliminate the bad bacteria in our stomachs, reduce the toxins in our system, and help keep these out of our joints – that MAKES SENSE.  So we are very excited to see so many of you wanting to try a completely different way to attack Joint Pain and other issues caused by too many toxins in your stomach.

Unfortunately, TOO MANY of you wanted to try this out quickly and we have RUN OUT OF OUR SAMPLE SUPPLY…for the moment. We are sorry, yet pleased, to say that the response to our FREE OFFER has been so wildly popular, we are OUT OF STOCK on our samples and won’t be able to send any additional free samples at this time.

However, if you would like to purchase BioGIF™, we have product that is already boxed and wrapped, ready to ship out the door if you don’t want to wait for more trial samples to be produced.  Just head over to BUY BioGIF™ and you can check out the boxes we have available for purchase.  Thank you for your understanding…it’s nice to see so many people wanting a different solution to helping relieve their joint pain and just feel better overall…

To get on the waiting list for a sample, please fill out the form on the Free Trial Page and in the MESSAGE section simply write…”PLEASE SEND ME A TRIAL SAMPLE WHEN MORE IS AVAILABLE” and we will do our best to get you a sample.

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