“I’ll try anything” when it comes to pain…

If you suffer from any kind of pain, especially joint pain, you know exactly what this means – give me anything to relieve it.

Unfortunately, too many people play to this game and the consumer and patient end up with a cabinet full of “pain relief” promises and worthless remedies that don’t really do much to alleviate the issue.  I not only got tired of throwing money away but also got tired of not getting the relief so many bottles promised.  These were some of the reasons I wanted to create something different – something that actually worked from a medical perspective.

For years I have studied arthritis and joint pain in a variety of creatures, including myself.  And what I couldn’t seem to agree with is that a topical ointment or oral substance could actually help relieve the pain – because I couldn’t see how it would actually get to the cause of the pain.  Through countless studies, trials, and other research, something finally made sense to me.  There were toxins present in the joints when there was pain and when there wasn’t these toxins were reduced.  Made sense…and so I started on this path.

Where it led me is where many of the toxins are produced – the gut.  Our stomachs produce many toxins based on our diet and what we ingest in our bodies.  So it didn’t take me long to figure out if I could come up with a solution that used normal everyday ingredients and reduced the production of “bad toxins” in our gut, our joints would be happier.  That is BioGIF™ – and it works exactly that way.  I encourage you to give it a try – it is making sense to a lot of people and helping to relieve their joint pain.

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  1. Hi Kuniaki,

    Thank you for your blog post. I agree with what you are saying, once you start cleansing the body, reducing toxins and balancing PH levels your joint pain will get better. There has been quite a bit of research and news on the topic in recent years. Another such product claiming to do the same is SierraSil that I personally use and friends and family of mine have had great results with. Bottom line is cleanse the gut to get better joint function and mobility!

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