The “best” answers are usually not “obvious”

My daughter has had arthritis since she was born.  As she grew up, she would complain of one symptom or another and the family doctor would ignore it because he could find nothing wrong.  Well, after many years we knew something was wrong but it could not be diagnosed by allergists, communicable disease, general practitioners, orthopedists, x-rays, MRIs, Cat Scans, etc.   My daughter was a professional patient and not getting better.  In fact, she was just plain getting worse and no one knew why or how.

I first met Kuniaki Terato in 2000 and was immediately impressed with his approach and scientific work.  He had a very interesting way of making money – figuring out the fastest way to create arthritis in mice and sell the stuff.

In 2005, Kuniaki said he had a patent on the claims of what he thought might be a cure for arthritis.  I was more than intrigued as this is an area that has escaped some of the brightest doctors and researchers in the field.  But there was one big difference that caught my attention – he was approaching it entirely different than the mainstream researchers.  It was of high interest to me because of my personal situation with my daughter.  I felt he had the best chance of really understanding this disease because he had actually “reverse engineered” the solution – learning how to cause arthritis better than anyone else.

It turns out that the cause is from toxins created in the the gastrointestinal system entering the body.  They cause the body to fight the toxins.  As our body fights the toxins, a side effect is joint swelling and pain, lesions in various forms on and in our body (including colitis), psoriasis, and any other “itis” you can name.  This was BRILLIANT in my opinion.  For once, it actually made sense to me as to why the pain and swelling and other ailments were being caused – as a result of what goes on in our gut.

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