The “GUT” is linked to your health more than you think

There has been a lot of emphasis on new research regarding the “gut flora” and how it impacts far more than how our stomachs feel.  The research has been focused on “linking” a number of different ailments and situations’ occurring in the body to what goes on in the gut.

Take the recent article in the Wall Street Journal for example, “A Gut Check for Many Ailments,” where they specifically talk about how a variety of situations in our body are being traced back to our gut.  While this has been worked on for a while, and is the basis of our research and our BioGIF product, it is not starting to gain more and more attention.  For instance in the following quote from the Stanford University School of Medicine

The gut is important in medical research, not just for problems pertaining to the digestive system but also problems pertaining to the rest of the body,” says Pankaj J. Pasricha, chief of the division of gastroenterology and hepatology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

We love to see more and more discussion about how the gut affects so many different ailments and conditions.  BioGIF® was created with this in mind.  Our initial research told us the same thing years ago and was the foundation for how we created the BioGIF® product.  While we can’t claim to fix all these ailments, our research indicates it has a direct effect on both JOINT PAIN and OVERALL HEALTH and feeling good.  We know this is important research and we expect more findings like the one by Stanford University School of Medicine.  We will continue to share more on these developments with you along the way…so stay connected with us or follow us on our Social Media channels for updates.

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